Sea Kayaking in Alaska

Explore at your own pace and let nature’s sights and sounds invade your senses.

In certain places the silence becomes audible and such is at the case in Alaska’s scenic coves. Surrounded by snow capped mountains you tune in to the sound of a stream tumbling gently over rocks or the whisper of an eagle’s wings as it soars across the bay to perch in a tall Sitka Spruce.

Kayak in calm waters.

A journey aboard MV Discovery is much more than just a cruise. You will have the time to experience natures peace and tranquility at your own pace. Explore secluded coves and anchorages by kayak and gain a whole new perspective on this incredible area or bring your camera and join the crew for a tour by skiff.

  • You may encounter a curious harbor seal or spot a brown bear wandering along the waters edge and be surprised at how approachable they are.
  • Unlike the 20-80 passenger vessels there are no queues. This is the ‘real’ small ship difference. You won’t have to wait to go see a bear on the beach (and risk missing out if it is gone by the time your turn comes around).
  • With no set schedule we can truly make the most of sightseeing explorations and wildlife encounters.
  • Throughout the cruise we try to accommodate individual guest’s desires where possible and for keen kayakers there is often even time for a paddle before breakfast.


“There was ample opportunity to get off the boat and explore. Some of my favorite times were those spent alone in a kayak paddling quietly trying to take it all in and watching the shy but inquisitive harbor seals pop their heads out and duck away again.”