• Alaska small cruise ship MV Discovery

The ‘real’ small cruise ship difference

Discovery’s cruises (8-12 guests) v’s the Mid-size cruise ships (40-80 passenger boats)

“Alaska small boat cruises” and “Small Alaska Cruise Ship” are terms that the “mid-size” cruise ships have adopted to describe their Alaska Inside Passage cruises and cruise boats carrying 40-80 passengers. But ….. there is a real difference between the Alaska cruise experience and “up close wildlife viewing” that these boats offer compared to the relaxed cruising atmosphere and intimate wildlife encounters we have onboard the Discovery. In most of the places that we visit even 20 people seems like a crowd and it is a well known fact that your chances of seeing wildlife are better in smaller groups.

“Imagine the excitement as a pod of Humpback Whales dive close to the boat.” You are standing on the starboard side of the bow waiting for the whales to resurface but they come up on the port side instead. You move quickly to the other side and get some fantastic photos of a mother and calf right beside the boat.

…. on a mid-size Alaska cruise ship with 40-80 passengers ….. you’d have missed all action!!

“Picture yourself standing on the bow.” A whisper of breeze caresses your face as we cruise beneath towering granite walls and cascading waterfalls in a misty fjord. The view is breathtaking, the serenity is tangible and you feel inexplicably alive as you become lost in the moment.

…. now imagine that you are one of a group of 40-80 …. It’s just not the same!

“Imagine walking quietly along a forest trail.” We come upon a small stream where a Brown Bear splashes as he catches salmon.” The bear has not heard our approach and we are able to watch for quite some time before he sniffs the air and catches our scent. Our small group steps out of the foliage and the bear is not intimidated. Instead he actually crosses the creek, towards the group, passing close by as he meanders up river to a better fishing spot.

…. now imagine that you are one of a group of 40-80 ….. it just won’t happen!

MV Discovery’s chosen anchorages are prime Brown Bear habitat.

A similar scenario applies to kayaking in a secluded bay, soaking in a natural hot spring or meeting the locals dockside or in a small Alaskan frontier town.

For those select few people who want to really experience the grandeur of Alaska away from the crowds we do have the best Alaska small boat cruise for you.